Commencing on 28th Feb 2020
Golden Opportunity to equip yourself for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination.

Days to go

Pass percentage in the FMG examination is 15%

As a result over 15 thousand Foreign Medical Graduates are yet to clear the FMG exam and are not entitled to practice till completion of the FMG exam.

Primary Reason - Lack of understanding of Indian healthcare system and hands on experience


Conceptualized, implemented and supported by Indian Healthcare experts, in partnership with leading hospitals, and aims at creating more qualified doctors

Bridge skill gaps and create the required awareness through an intensive observership program combined with a closely monitored and guided learning and assessment process


Dr. Devi Shetty
Internationally renowned Healthcare expert
Dr. Alexander Thomas
President, Association of Healthcare Providers India & President, Association of National Board Accredited Institutions.
Dr. Naresh Shetty
President, M S Ramaiah Memorial hospital
Dr. Arulrhaj
President, The Association of Physicians of India & Past President, Commonwealth Medical Association, UK
A cloud platform enabling and adaptive and personalized approach to learn and teach


Jointly offered by Association of Healthcare Providers India [AHPI], Association of National Board Accredited Institutions [ANBAI] and M S Ramaiah Institution

Posting in leading hospitals in Bangalore

E- Learning modules and continuous assessment on LMExcellence

Duration of the program - 6 months

Foreign Medical Graduates Clinical Apprenticeship Program


Check eligibility
  • Must be an Indian citizen or OCI holder
  • Possess primary medical qualification confirmed by the Indian Embassy concerned
  • Provide proof of completing final exam
Selection & Enrolment
  • Submit application online
  • Application will be scrutinised and if selected intimation will be sent.
Join the program
  • Create account,
  • Pay and submit registration fee
Engage and succeed
  • You would get access to program, collaterals, self learning materials with integrated assessments/tests, etc.
  • Further instruction if any would be communicated.

Backed by an innovative blended approach to learn, FMGCAP program includes a continuous monitoring and assessment process ensuring high level of predictability in the final outcome.

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